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Granite Processors in India | Zero-defect Products | Large Variety of Colours Available


Welcome to Zenith Granite Shilp, we process rough blocks extracted from different quarries in South India. We process premium quality granite products, such as polished slabs and cut tiles at our facilities in India. We adhere to all international guidelines and standards in all our processes and maintain high-quality standards from extracting the stone to loading the container for shipment, from cleaning to cutting, from drying to polishing, and from packing to quality inspection.


Whether you are searching for granite prices in India at factory rate or granite factories near Visakhapatnam, we offer you quality products. We ensure timely and flawless delivery of granites in more than 50 countries through Vizag. We are here to offer high quality granite to all builders, architects, re-sellers, and individuals. We have supplied to many projects in these countries: UAE, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Australia, Austria, Egypt, France, the UK, Mexico, New Zealand, and the USA.

Our Processes for Quality Granite Production

Our aim is to deliver zero-defect granite products from our facilities in India.

At our plants, we exercise the following processes to give you the best decor and construction material:

  • Calibrating, cutting, honing, finishing and tumbling of granite slabs and tiles at the facilitiy with modern tools.
  • Protecting granites from chipping, scratches, and damage during packing, loading, and unloading with quality wooden crates, corrugated boxes, and waterproof plastic packaging.
  • Regular quality inspection, rigorous checks, and strict monitoring of processed products as per international standards and customer specifications.
  • Safe and secure delivery of packed products using efficient shipping and proper documentation.


Fully Functional Granite Manufacturing Unit for the Best-of-Quality Products

Granite Manufacturing Unit

With a legacy of over 17+ years, Zenith Granite Shilp has been processing natural stone products for all residential and commercial project needs. Our granite processing unit is well-equipped with advanced machinery and equipment. We process granite blocks for customers worldwide. We have a capacity to process over 2 lakh square feet per month. We have machines that can cut to size tiles from 30x30 to 120x120.

Granite Manufacturing Unit

Fully Automated Machines

Fully automated machines
  • Multiple granite cutters
  • Automatic slab polishers
  • Automatic resin treatment
  • Epoxy
  • Bride cutting machines
Fully automated machines

Highly Sophisticated Infrastructure

Our granite processing units employ advanced and performing mechanical instruments to process a wide range of granite stone products in different colours, patterns, finishes, thicknesses, and sizes. We are committed to maintaining the top quality standards to match all needs of our global clients. Our team of granite experts is fully-equipped with mechanical resources, including single and multiple saw cutters and polishing machines.

Granite Manufacturing Process

Granite manufacturing process
  • Granite selection for the processing purpose
  • Wire dressing and block cutting of granite
  • Grinding process to finish the stone properly
  • Resin treatment to fill any fissures (pits or micro)
  • Bridge sawing for right cut and correct size
  • Smoother and finer polishing for a smooth surface
  • Stone edge profiling to trim the edges
  • Final inspection to check the quality, thickness, & size
Granite manufacturing process

Once the stone processing is over, workers at the granite factory do packaging and distribution using the wooden crates to guarantee safety. Our manufacturing unit is capable of manufacture any quantity of granite slabs, tiles, countertops, monumental stone, and stone articles as per the needs of B2B buyers. We adopt a strict 100% inspection system at all granite manufacturing stages. We ensure the safety of our workers at all manufacturing stages.

Granite Manufacturers in India for Quality Production

Zenith Granite Shilp India, one of the top granite manufacturers in India, sources, and exports an eclectic range of Indian granite. We buy raw blocks and get the processing done at different Indian granite manufacturing factories, near quarries as different colours are available in different areas all over North and South India. To make the price as competitive as possible with the maintenance of good quality, we get production done as job work at various Indian Granite factories.

There are many granite products that we export like gangsaw & cutter slabs, tiles, and monuments as per project requirements. For each product, a separate factory is required with different machinery and workforce. So practically, it is not possible to establish a factory that manufactures all products at a time. Moreover, it is not possible to produce all colours in one area because the transportation charge would eventually reflect in the final price of the product, making it non-competitive.

When you think of granite manufacturers in India, we get the production done near quarries, where the availability of raw material is not a problem. The Granite Manufacturing Units that are associated with us have been carefully vetted over a period of time for good infrastructure and management practices, professional working environment as well as timely production and consistency in product quality.

We have a branch office in Bangalore as well. The managers and field staff at this office co-ordinate with various granite factories and quarries in the region for order performance. We have qualified quality inspectors, who have experience of more than 20 years to check the production and manage quality and packing. Our head office is in New Delhi and we have 3 granite purchase managers, who make purchases and track order performance.

Whether you are searching for granite manufacturers in south India or granite manufacturers in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Rajasthan, or Chennai, we the most appropriate resource. This web page is the best resource where you can have an instant response to all your queries on granite manufacturers.


100% Safe Granite Packaging with the Right Materials


Often suppliers do not pay as much attention to granite packaging as they do to the quality of the product. This is where they lag behind! If the granite tiles and slabs are not packed properly then it might lead to broken tiles or spoilt finish, which ultimately could prove quite expensive to the customer receiving the product. At Zenith Granite Shilp, we use durable crates for granite packaging that are made from dry, good quality and strong wood. These crates are made strong enough to withstand the usual 1-tonne weight of the product(s). We use the following materials for extra safety of stone products.


Granite Packing Materials

Granite packing materials
  • Plastic covering as cushioning materials
  • Plastic sheets, thin polythene sheets, and forms
  • Polythene sheets in between polished surfaces
  • Reinforced straps and strong seaworthy wooden crates
  • Thermocol boxes and corrugated boxes
  • Well-fumigated wooden pallets
Granite packing materials

How We Make it Possible?

The crates Zenith Granite Shilp uses are required to be handled at multiple points from loading at the factory to stuffing in the container at the loading port as well as during discharge from the ship and subsequent handling in the dealer’s stockyard. Even in the customer’s stockyard, the products are stacked & stored for quite a long time before being sold. So, it obviously becomes imperative that crates should be made strong and durable. We make sure that the granite packaging is done well. Wooden crates are lined with polyethylene sheets from inside followed by thermocol sheets and a layer of foam. The tiles are then packed tightly in such a way that the corners and edges are well protected, so as to avoid chipping during long transportation. Further, the sealing of crates with polyethylene sheets prevents crates from getting wet during rain. Good quality nails and packing material are used for protective packaging.

Our Production department co-ordinates with our ground staff to ensure all instructions are clearly understood and implemented regarding commercial packaging. Photos are examined and then the final approval is given after the fulfillment of all the requirements. At the same time, we send photos of packed material to the customer for approval, and only after their consent; we dispatch the product from the factory. This proves to be very reassuring, especially in the case of foreign customers, who usually appreciate our efforts in this regard.

Quality Control

Delivering you the Best-of-its-Quality Products

Quality Control

Performed by qualified and experienced inspectors, we present our global clients with a clear picture of how granite production really looks. We identify issues and eliminate causes in the real-time scenario. Our granite quality control practices ensure that all granite slabs and tiles are manufactured to meet the needs of buyers’ specifications and minimize the import risks.

Our practices to check the quality of granite products

We inspect the quality of granite products at every stage of production, including pre-production quality control, during production quality control, pre-shipment quality control, and container loading supervision.

Quality Control

Appearance Quality Checks

  • Material Appearance Inspection: Colour, texture, spots, lines, uniform crystals, grain structure, etc.
  • Other Defects Inspection: Scratches, fissures, cracks, broken edges, chip edges, pinholes, swirl marks, repairs, etc.
  • Surface Finishing Inspection: Polished, antique, honed, flamed, bush-hammered, tumbled, natural cleft, lepatora, bevel edge, etc.
  • Other Production Process: Degree of polish, flatness, and angle of straight edges.

Size and Specification Checks

  • Length, width, and thickness within the approval tolerance; the diagonal length, angle control, etc.

Our quality inspection team ensures all Zenith Granite Shilp products are strictly consistent in size, colour, finish, and as per the buyers’ specifications. We ensure a 100% inspection of all finished products for every single order. We stick to the best practices of granite quality control at the production level as per ISO 9000 standard. With commercial, standard, and premium quality products, we serve our clients as per their changing business needs.

Quality Granite Testing as per Global Standards at Production Units

We, at Zenith Granite Shilp India, follow strict quality control policy to offer international-quality products to our customers. We firmly believe in quality granite testing at all production stages and as per global standards. For sticking to granite quality and value, we follow the following process:

  1. The process of quality granite starts before order confirmation. We prepare sample sets showing as exactly as possible the colour and pattern to customers to obtain their approval on a particular product along with price confirmation. The quality parameters are also decided at this stage with size tolerance generally being ± 1mm, thickness variation being ± 1mm and right angle being perfect ninety degrees (90). All these are mentioned on the proforma invoice, which also includes buyer’s signature.
  2. The order is then communicated to the production/purchase department, which sends the purchase order to the concerned factory along with copies to the branch office in Bangalore; if required. The field inspectors responsible for quality checks also get a copy of the same. Quality inspectors always carry measuring instruments like Vernier scale, right angle, rulers, measuring tape, etc. during field visits.
  3. The branch office monitors quantity and quality of the production with the factory at different stages of production, starting from the sample set. If the sample set is not produced according to the specifications, then the factory staff is trained for the same and machines are accordingly calibrated to produce the desired tolerance. Inspections are conducted at 10%, 50% and 100% stages of production. Inspection reports are sent to the head office. If any factory is unable to meet the quality standard after production, then the order is canceled at the 10% stage and transferred to another factory.
  4. Along with the inspection report, the head office receives photographs of the desired product. At the same time, planning for crate manufacturing starts and the quality of crates is also checked and approved by the inspectors.
  5. Once the production is complete, the field inspector sorts material and packs it. The chief quality officer from Bangalore office then does the inspection of 30% of the material at random on each quality parameter and submits the report to the head office at New Delhi. After the report is checked and approved, the production manager at the head office gives his consent and thereafter, the buyer is informed.

    All communication is done by email so an entire record is maintained of the correspondence for subsequent reference.
  6. If a third party (such as SGS or Bureau Veritas) inspection is required, then that is also arranged as per the requirements of the buyer.
  7. Loading at the factory and unloading at the port are photographed and a record is maintained by the shipment department. Also, at the time of loading in the container, our shipment agent is strictly instructed to send photos of every loading, so that production department can check the quality of crates, lashing and stuffing. If crates don’t reach in satisfactory condition at the port, then our agent repairs them and sends photographs to purchase the department at the head office and only after receiving the approval, proceeds with the container loading.

    We aim at timely delivering the intact products in perfectly packed condition with desired quality.